Machine learning made easy

Popular: top ten most viewed pages, as reported by Google Analytics (2015)

These are the pages that received the most unique pageviews ever, as of May 2015. Unique pageviews is the number of visits during which the specified page was viewed at least once. The order is basically the same as when counting pageviews, or hits. The numbers in parens show positions in the previous ranking from 2013.

  1. Deep learning made easy (1)
  2. Running things on a GPU (8)
  3. What you wanted to know about AI (new)
  4. How a Russian mathematician constructed a decision tree… (new)
  5. PyBrain - a simple neural networks library in Python (new)
  6. The secret of the big guys (2)
  7. Pylearn2 in practice (new)
  8. Machine learning courses online (4)
  9. Math for machine learning (new)
  10. Processing large files, line by line (3)

As you can see, Deep learning made easy still enjoys the first place, although we couldn’t wholehearteadly recommend this article now, because we don’t really believe in using unsupervised learning for supervised tasks anymore. The same goes to The secret of the big guys, previously number two.

Overall, in 2014 the site had:

  • 142k unique visitors (up from 60k in 2013)
  • 250k visits/sessions (up from 104k)
  • 474k page views (up from 196k)

That is, more than 100% increase on all counts.

FastML happened to be on the front page of Hacker News a few times. Here’s how it looks like in Google Analytics: