Machine learning made easy

Our followers and who else they follow

Recently we hit 400 followers mark on Twitter. To celebrate we decided to do some data mining on you, specifically to discover who our followers are and who else they follow. For your viewing pleasure we packaged the results nicely with Bootstrap. Here’s some data science in action.

Our followers

This table show our 20 most popular followers as measeared by their follower count. The occasional question marks stand for non-ASCII characters. Each link opens a new window.

  Followers Screen name Name Description
8685 pankaj Pankaj Gupta I lead the Personalization and Recommender Systems group at Twitter. Founded two startups in the past.  
5070 ogrisel Olivier Grisel Datageek, contributor to scikit-learn, works with Python / Java / Clojure / Pig, interested in Machine Learning, NLProc, {Big|Linked|Open} Data and braaains!  
4582 thuske thuske &
4442 ram Ram Ravichandran Software Research Engineer at Twitter. Computer Science PhD student at CMU on Leave of Absence. I bring good luck to my employer.  
2798 jedisct1 Frank Denis Datastores, GIS, code, infosec, crypto/ML padawan, OpenBSD/DragonflyBSD. Data crunchist @opendns  
2651 jtoy jtoy I study intelligence, ponder consciousness, build machine learning systems, program in clojure/R/ruby/python, and start companies. My latest startup: @TrueLens  
2493 jsuchal Jano Suchal programming, data mining, usability, rafting,, @rubyslava,,, @synopsitv,  
2231 bscofield Ben Scofield RailsConf Program Chair; Director of Ruby Central; mostly a nice guy  
1863 johncandido John Candido Developing predictive algorithms for financial markets and sports analytics. Data Scientist at ZestFinance. ESPN Insider contributor  
1849 arnicas Lynn Cherny Data Consultant (Data Analysis/Mining/Graphical Data); Infovis, Python, R, Stats, Javascript, Gender, Science Fiction, TV, ex-researcher with Stanford PhD.  
1700 jrmontag Josh data science @gnip | coffee | climbing | photography  
1679 stevegraham Stevie Graham steve vai said i’m a great guitar player  
1642 jeffgiesea Jeff Giesea Entrepreneur & angel investor interested in media & technology. Unfiltered, cold-brewed, bold flavor. #b2b #saas #marketing #stanford  
1492 medicalphysics medicalphysics Serious Medical Physics and Fun !!
1329 nikolaypavlov Nikolay Pavlov Dreamer, entrepreneur and simply curious man. In love with workout, data analysis and kaggle competitions.  
1196 GaelVaroquaux Gael Varoquaux Researcher and geek: science + Python + data = brain imaging + scikit-learn + machine learning + Mayavi + physics (& traveling… sailing… hiking…)  
1085 treycausey Trey Causey Data scientist. #rstats, text analysis, computational social science:, sports:  
1026 statisticsblog Statistics Blog I blog about probability & statistics with a focus on Monte Carlo simulations & epistemology: #Stats #RStats #Statistics #Probability #R  
944 ledaduelo leda duelo Re-imaginando el mundo e internet desde 2005, tan f?cil como aprendiendo y desaprendiendo Jazz & lEaN PrOduCt OWneR y Scrum Evangelist  
909 gappy3000 94?|?Y3000 Extreme mammal. Sarcast. Nice to meet you.  

Who else they follow

This table shows the most common friends of our followers, that is who they follow. We took a sample of 224 profiles. The sample is skewed towards people who follow fewer profiles, due to technical issues we had with Twitter API. The Popularity column shows what percentage of people in the sample follows a given profile.

  Pop. Followers Screen name Name Description
  43% 33673 hmason Hilary Mason Data Scientist in Residence at @accel. I <3 data and cheeseburgers and @bitly.  
  42% 8574 kaggle Kaggle Kaggle is a platform for predictive modeling competitions and consulting. We’re making data science into a sport.  
  41% 5070 ogrisel Olivier Grisel Datageek, contributor to scikit-learn, works with Python / Java / Clojure / Pig, interested in Machine Learning, NLProc, {Big|Linked|Open} Data and braaains!  
  37% 7030 AndrewYNg Andrew Ng Co-founder of Coursera, and Director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab.  
  34% 374533 googleresearch Google Research At Google, research is performed company wide; we conduct and leverage research to build large-scale systems that are used in the real world.  
  29% 2637 mxlearn ML @ REDDIT /r/MachineLearning: Research, News, Discussions, Software on: Machine Learning, Data Mining, Text Processing, Information Retrieval, Search Computing and alike  
  28% 4821 johnmyleswhite John Myles White Julia developer at MIT. Author of Machine Learning for Hackers and Bandit Algorithms for Website Optimization. Soon-to-be scientist at Facebook.  
  28% 4172 wesmckinn Wes McKinney Making data more useful. Creator of pandas and author of Python for Data Analysis. Hard at work on something new and awesome.  
  27% 13938 peteskomoroch Peter Skomoroch My mission is to create intelligent systems that help people make better decisions. Principal Data Scientist @LinkedIn. Machine Learning, Hadoop, Big Data.  
  27% 73453 CompSciFact Computer Science One fact per day from computer science M-F from @JohnDCook.  
  26% 18279 SciPyTip Scientific Python SciPy (Scientific Python) and related topics. One tip per day M-F plus occasional other tweets. From @JohnDCook.  
  26% 108989 coursera Coursera Learning without limits.  
  26% 4506 echen Edwin Chen Kaggle is a platform for predictive modeling competitions and consulting. We’re making data science into a sport.  
  25% 12558 kdnuggets Gregory Piatetsky KDnuggets Editor, Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science expert, KDD & SIGKDD co-founder, part-time philosopher, dad  
  23% 6672 DataJunkie Ryan Rosario Machine Learning Engineer at Facebook: statistician & computer scientist. Natural language processing, text mining, network analysis, modeling. Opinions my own.  
  21% 3678 ML_Hipster ML Hipster I was into data before it was big.  
  21% 13791 bigdata Ben Lorica Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Computing resources from Ben Lorica, Chief Data Scientist @OReillyMedia  
  20% 122819 paulg Paul Graham
  20% 1396 t3kcit Andreas Mueller PhD student in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, Python geek and scikit-learn enthusiast. Sometimes I blog about research and playing with machine learning  
  20% 27247 ProbFact Probability Fact One probability fact per day M-F from @JohnDCook. See link for similar Twitter streams.