Machine learning made easy

Popular: top ten most viewed pages, as reported by Google Analytics (2013)

These are the pages that received the most unique pageviews as of December 2013. Unique pageviews is the number of visits during which the specified page was viewed at least once. The order is basically the same as when counting pageviews, or hits.

  1. Deep learning made easy
  2. The secret of the big guys
  3. Processing large files, line by line
  4. Machine learning courses online
  5. Large scale L1 feature selection with Vowpal Wabbit
  6. Predicting closed questions on Stack Overflow
  7. Predicting Advertised Salaries
  8. Running things on a GPU
  9. A bag of words a nice little network
  10. What you wanted to know about Mean Average Precision

The busiest day of the year was May 3rd with 10932 visits. The page was of course number one from the ranking above. Overall, in 2013 the site had 60k unique visitors, 104k visits and 196k page views. Thank you!